Oct. 15

When he arrived almost 2 hours after the contest winners showed up, he sat in the tour bus to watch his performance with Mannie and Juvie at the pre-taped BET Awards. He rolled in the studio 2 minutes later to do an interview and some promo shit.

When asked who he’d like to work with next, he called out the 2 blondes standing in the hallway. He later invited 2 chicks onto the bus.

The youngest people in the building — who were getting crazy excited wondering “where’s the famous person” — were twins. After the family photo, Chainz gave the pair 2 autographed $2 bills. He gave their big sister a third.

Outtakes/gems from the Kevin Gates show I shot last night for Hot 107.9 + the original article I submitted. Text apparently not suitable for corporate.

The District packed up for Kevin Gates last night. Everyone was drunk nuts. Dancing, making out. The entire crowd rapped every song when Ruff Tymes or Kid Kamillion played that old Louisiana shit. By the time the crowd started chanting GATES GATES GATES, the girls stormed the stage and shook their asses in ways that remind us Louisiana girls were first to twerk. But when he showed up, everyone really lost it. The front-row bitches were reaching out to him with desperation, climbing on stage and shit. I saw one dude get dropped near the stage and carried out unconscious, lips bleeding. It was wild. But as it should have been. You gotta be hyped on anyone coming out of Baton Rouge. And Gates was gracious.

So what happens when Boosie gets out?